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Shopping List app

“Shopping List” is an Android application that we created to create your daily shopping list on your smartphone. This way, the writing of the list can be dictated rather than written. The list can be shared with a loved one. Traveling to a local store is made easier by the integrated geolocation system and map. The Photo space allows you to share your interest in an object with a loved one and/or to insert it in a temporary gallery. The integration of a chatbot allows you to ask it to answer all kinds of questions and in particular to create recipes related to the shopping list.
The “Shopping List” application allows you to:
. create your shopping list on the smartphone by entering “Product name” and/or “Price” using the numeric keypad,
. add, delete or erase the partial or global content of the list,
. vocally dictate the creation of the list,
. realize the sum of the prices appearing on the list,
. share the screenshot of your list with a loved one,
. move near its position as well as calculate the distance and travel time relative to the manually chosen destination,
. choose between 4 travel modes: pedestrian mode, driving mode, bicycle mode and wheelchair mode,
. take a photo of an article in order to get the opinion of a loved one by sharing the photo via their smartphone and/or inserting it in the application gallery (10 photos maximum),
- converse with a chatbot while remaining in the application.
. delete photos added in gallery.
The “Shopping List” application is available on Play Store.

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