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Extraterrestrial Invaders app

Spaceship type game in which your ship must fight against alien invaders.
The ship has 5 lives at the start of the game. The ship moves horizontally by placing your finger on the ship and sliding it to the left or right. Shots towards enemy ships are triggered each time you lift your finger. The collision of the ship with the descending objects allows you to obtain an advantage (multiple shots, protective shield, preservation or increase in the number of lives).
The scoreboard appears when the ship has no more life. The player must then enter their nickname and validate it in order to position themselves in the score ranking. It is possible to search the table by score or by existing nickname. The buttons at the bottom of the scoreboard allow (from left to right) to:
1) start a game again,
2) delete all or part of the scores (scissors),
3) share the scores page with a friend(s) via a screenshot transmitted using the communications means installed on the device,
4) close the application.

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